Collection: Veronica Ibarreta

Popular for her pointillism and floral series, Veronica Ibarreta is a Filipina visual artist who values and tackles important themes of identity and nationalism, individuality, and female empowerment. She has flourished as a solo and group exhibitor and has embarked on glorious shows. Last July, Veronica Ibarreta’s " Vestido " exhibit is a love letter to the women in her land. Her exploration of the traditional ensembles worn by women in the Philippines is a rumination on how this traditional range of clothing have shaped and continued to influence identities amidst the ever-active and ever-changing climate of Filipino and Mexican fashion. Veronica’s take on tradition makes “Vestido” a cross-cultural manufacture between two cultures and countries that are brimming with history and art heritage. Her masterpieces are mounted and housed in institutions, hospitality spaces, and several personal and private collections in the country.