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Alfonso Recto (b. 1985) is a Filipino artist known for his expressive abstract and figurative works. His work and creative process draw from various artistic movements such as cubism, abstract expressionism and surrealism to develop his own unique idiom of expression, one that is immediate, spontaneous and primal. He also derives inspiration from a wide range of interests such as music, cinema, literature, science, philosophy, and martial arts, resulting in work that he feels is a truthful expression of himself. Through his career, Alfonso has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in the Philippines as well as in Korea and Vietnam. He also has upcoming plans for art residencies in Europe, beginning with one in Portugal in 2024. Alfonso believes that in art as well as life, one must live in the moment, ready to explore each impulse, leap from whim to whim. He therefore strives to approach his work and his world with a great sense of joy and play.


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