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ELEMENTO is a vibrant homage to the festive spirit, a bold exploration of art's transformative potential, and a radiant beacon of communal unity. It is more than an art project; it is a celebration of the power of art to inspire, connect , and illuminate. It invites the viewers to converge, to revel in the festive season in a space transformed by light, creativity, and community.


At the epicenter of Elemento is an otherworldy outdoor installation by the visionary artist Leeroy New in featuring Liter of Light. Spanning across an 8000 sqm canvas, New's alienesque structures consisting of elemental art pods cradle 700 solar lights, casting an ethereal luminescence over the park.


In the heart of Manila's bustling cityscape, one finds two monumental art installations by contemporary artist, Leeroy New. These installations, 'Elemental' and 'Nautilus of Dreams', are not merely artistic expressions, but powerful manifestations of human connection, environmental awareness, and societal growth. 'Elemental' is a dynamic constellation of art pods, each housing elements from our world. The pods, while individually unique, coalesce into a narrative mirroring the intricate web of life. This visual symphony of forms and materials, akin to a cosmic genesis, is a testament to New's ability to transform the familiar into the
fantastical. It is as much an embodiment of the interconnected nature of our world as it is a celebration of diversity, individuality,
and unity.


'Nautilus of Dreams', in contrast, facilitates an immersive exploration of our inner selves within the spectacle of the elements. Take a moment to flow through the obscure. Can you re-imagine the world outside? The spiraled nautilus, a symbol of expansion and renewal, invites us to hang our dreams and aspirations, creating a collective tapestry of hope for ourselves and our environment. Participating in this installation not only helps us reflect but also fosters support for community programs of Liter of Light and Art House respectively. The rounded structure of New's installations and the Liter of Light's solar-light model both drew inspiration from the disaster brought forth by Typhoon Haiyan, marking its 10th anniversary today. As we traverse through 'Elemental' and the 'Nautilus of Dreams', we are not mere spectators but active participants in an ongoing dialogue with nature, culture, and the self. Through these installations, Leeroy New and Liter of Light invite us to not only observe but also to reflect, engage, and contribute towards a sustainable world.


Leeroy New (b. 1986, General Santos City) is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice manifests in  large-scale immersive environments, costuming, collaborative performances and video works driven by concepts of world building, myth-making, and social change. His use of natural materials, found objects and assorted discards transformed into representations of a specific  speculative future intersects Filipino contemporary life,  pre-colonial mythology, and environmentalism. This eventually led to the creation of the Aliens of Manila project, an ongoing multi-platform collaborative series  which documents “alien” bodies inhabiting Manila’s colorful yet often harsh streets as well as beyond its shores.


Art House and Search Mindscape Foundation presents Elemento, an exhibition interweaving art, environmental consciousness, and an exploration of our roots. The artists delve into the concept of materiality, developing a compelling dialogue where medium and message are harmoniously intertwined. The artworks are mounted on PolyAl panels repurposed from recycled Tetra Pak. Elemento offers a profound
connection between viewer, artist, and the natural world where the journey becomes the destination. A specialized segment of the exhibition pays tribute to digital innovation, reinterpreting classic masterpieces through a modern lens.

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Search Mindscape Foundation is a non-profit organization that paves way for interaction, collaboration, and engagement in the Philippine art community. The foundation finds and provides opportunities to contemporary visual artists that will further enhance their creativity and artistic development. The foundation has made it its mission to constantly search for visual artists and partners who value storytelling as a catalyst for connection, community building, and engagement. It envisions itself as a gateway into the contemporary art world for artists and art enthusiasts alike, as well as a pathfinder for emerging visual artists to turn to for mentorship and support. Guided by this mission and vision, the foundation follows and upholds values of constant search and discovery, creative development, and community



    Liter of Light is a global, grassroots movement commited to providing affordable, sustainable solar light to people with limited or no access to electricity. Through a network of partnerships around the world, Liter of Light, led by founder and executive director Illac Diaz, volunteers teach marginalized communities how to use recycled plastic bottles and locally sourced materials to illuminate their homes, businesses, and streets.

    Liter of Light has installed more than 350,000 bottle lights in more than 15 countries and taught green skills to empower grassroots entrepreneurs at every stop. Liter of Light's open source technology has been recognized by the UN and adopted for use in some UNHCR camps. Liter of Light is the proud recipient of the 2016 St. Andrews Prize for the Environment, the 2015 Zayed Future Energy Prize, and a winner of the 2014-2015 World Habitat Award.


    Bambike, the renowned eco-friendly bike manufacturer, is set to activate a dedicated outdoor space within the art installation grounds, providing children with a unique opportunity to experience the Bambino bike. The Bambino, a balance bike ingeniously designed to evolve from a walking aid to a scoot bike, aims to teach children to ride on two wheels without the need for training wheels. A fleet of these bikes will be readily available in the area for park visitors, allowing children to interact with the art installations and immerse themselves in nature in a fun, engaging, and sustainable way. This initiative not only promotes physical activity and environmental awareness among the young but also adds a dynamic, interactive element to the art viewing experience.

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