Collection: Ronna Manasala

Ronna is the grand daughter of the Philippines’ National Artist in Visual Arts, Vicente Manansala. Her works silently speak of the true beauty of a woman, calm, simple, strong, and in touch with God. She is always inclined to do mother and child as she treasures the love of her grandma and mother. And as she paints, and smells the paint and turpentine she's suddenly transported back in time to a place calls home, in the comforting arms of the real-life hero she fondly calls Lolo Enteng. Manansala, known for her vibrant and expressive brushwork, brings an explosion of life and emotion to the canvas. Her bold strokes and masterful use of colors convey a sense of energy and passion that draws the viewer in, compelling them to explore the hidden depths of each piece. Her art always challenges conventional perceptions, leaving a lasting impression on those who interact with it.