Collection: Nasser Lubay

Nasser Lubay is a visual artist based in Manila, Philippines. Born in 1982 in Candelaria, Quezon1, he has made significant strides in the art world. His art is a unique blend of pop, psychedelic, surreal, and fantasy elements. He creates his visual compositions by allowing his mind to wander freely, resulting in biotic, organic, and geometric outcomes. 

In 2009, he won 2nd Place in the Celeste International Art Prize in Berlin, Germany. He was chosen as one of the Young Ambassadors of Jollibee representing the arts and was one of fifty artists highlighted in the 2010 Animamix Biennaleat the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei. He was also invited to Ondarte International Artist Residency in Akumal, Mexico. 

His work is an abstraction of captured moments meticulously stroked with vivid colors that create a dimensional effect on the artworks1. His unique visual aesthetic has taken him across the world, inviting audiences into his imaginative realm.