Collection: Dennis Morante

Dennis is a “free stroke” artist; he expresses his emotions in varying and liberating free strokes. For Dennis, every stroke depicts an emotion that explodes into a beautiful work of art. He has always gravitated toward abstract forms since he was a child, and it has been a constant form of emotional expression for him. His childhood was not a walk in the park. Rather, he had to walk at least five kilometers, crossing through three rivers and passing through a forest, just to get to school.  Abstract art has been his release and has helped him navigate through life.
For him, the abstract of his work has unlimited meaning because the human psyche cannot just be limited to one perspective. His works create an immersive viewing experience for their audience, as they challenge them to have their own perspective on his creations. Dennis holds a degree in fine arts with a major in advertising. He has joined various exhibits here in the Philippines, Amsterdam, and Germany.