Collection: Anton Aguas

In the vibrant realm of art, where strokes of a brush and splashes of color converge to tell stories untold, emerges a self-taught painter whose journey defies convention and resonates with passion. Hailing from the bustling streets of Manila, Philippines,  Anton Aguas has carved his path in the world of art, guided by an unquenchable thirst for creative expression.
A graduate of Ateneo de Manila University, Anton holds a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies—a testament to his versatile outlook on life. Yet, while his formal education opened doors in the sales and trade industry, it was his innate talent and ardor for art that truly ignited his soul. Unlike the traditional route, Anton’s artistic journey was not molded within the confines of an art school. Instead, he embarked on a self-taught odyssey, painting his dreams and aspirations onto canvas with strokes that bear witness to his unbridled imagination.