Collection: Alger Guevarra

Alger Guevarra is a talented visual artist hailing from San Juan, La Union. His unique approach to art involves using an unconventional medium: used flip-flops, also known as tsinelas. Here’s more about his fascinating work: Tsinelas Art: In 2015, Alger Guevarra came up with the ingenious idea of reusing discarded flip-flops to create art. He grinds these slippers into powder and mixes them with glue to form a typical paint mixture. Through this method, he showcases the ingenuity of Filipino artists worldwide123. Self-Taught Talent: Alger Guevarra is a self-taught painter who embarked on his visual arts career in 2008. He has facilitated art workshops for children through the Bantay Bata program. His unconventional approach has garnered him recognition, including honorable mentions and awards in various competitions2. Advocating Creativity: As part of the Artists Guild of La Union (AGLaUn), Alger Guevarra contributes to the vibrant art scene in his province. His commitment to environmental consciousness and artistic expression shines through his tsinelas art, bridging creativity and sustainability1. Alger Guevarra’s work exemplifies how art can transcend traditional boundaries and inspire us to see everyday objects in a new light.